DeFi Education

Rytell is not only a vast land of opportunity and conquest but also a land of education. One of the primary directives we have as a team is to provide a safe and fun environment for people to learn the basics of Defi. Newcomers will be able to enter Rytell at any experience level and learn basic mechanics of Defi including swapping tokens, staking, liquidity mining, and more, all while enjoying the gameplay. In this way, Rytell would act as an entryway into the Avalanche network by bringing in people, educating them so they can expand into the rest of the network at their own pace.
Rytell is not only for newcomers to Defi, though! Experienced players will have the ability to circumvent the educational aspect of Rytell. Educational prompts throughout the gameplay will have the option to be disabled for those that don’t need them. This will allow players of all experience and confidence levels to participate.
Everyone can access all of our guides here: