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Rytell Frequently Asked Questions
What is Rytell?
Rytell is an on-chain, educational Defi fantasy world powered by Avalanche. Rytell is home to 8 different environments as well as 8 races of characters. There are 5 main resources that make up Rytell’s economy including the governance token, Radi. Rytell provides players of all experience levels with the ability to learn, conquer, and earn while having fun.
What can I do in Rytell?
Rytell is a world of opportunity for people looking to learn more about DeFi as well as people who are already familiar looking to have fun! Players will be able to go through tutorials to learn the basic mechanics of DeFi including staking, pooling, swapping, and more! You will be able to use your characters/land plots to begin farming resources that you can use to upgrade land plots, purchase items, and buy more land.
Once Phase III is launched, players will be able to use their characters to plunder other players. Each NFT has a specific skill tree innate within their code that will determine the characters' powers as well as the items and environments that modify those powers.
Why host on Avalanche?
Avalanche is the fastest and most reliable blockchain network in existence and the perfect place to build a growing world. Avalanche shares a vision of a future where people can trade, buy, and sell at high volumes, low fees, and build wealth by experiencing the full capabilities of the blockchain at large.
Is this an investment?
Rytell NFTs are not an investment, but instead your first step into a brand new fantasy realm where you can collect and earn in game resources while you conquer.