One of the features we are most excited about is the initial release of land and the crafting economy.
The path to greatness is not an easy one. In order to prepare for the challenges ahead, you will need to understand more about the hidden riches in the world of Rytell.
Each plot of land in Rytell produces a pair of resources. Stone, Wood, Iron, Wheat, and Radi, depending on the land type. Castles are unique in that they are the only land type that produces RADI.
To be able to produce resources, a plot of land must have a hero overseeing it. A hero will oversee land when it is staked within a plot of land. Heroes can oversee a maximum of 5 lands at the same time.
The environmental bonus will apply only after staking a hero in a plot of land, you can check the Land Multipliers chart down below.
Without a hero, a plot of land will not produce resources.
Lands can also be upgraded, allowing for higher resource production per land.
In order to upgrade a plot of land, you need to have both resources of the land production and enough RADI. This will allow you to upgrade your land to produce more resources beyond its original base rate. The only way you can increase the base rate production of your plot of land is via land upgrades.
The cycle of economy is anticipated to move as such -
Characters > Land > Resources > Weapons/Land Upgrades > Emission of $RADI
Characters will invoke lands corresponding to the environment they are in. Lands will be able to be purchased in addition to the 1st airdrop with $RADI.
These lands will generate resources that can either be used to:
  • forge weapons that increase emission rate of $RADI from characters (idle game).
  • upgrade the resource production rate of one’s lands.
  • Stake in a native liquidity pool.
$RADI can be used to purchase upgrades or purchase the difference of available resources to upgrade lands or forge weapons.