Land Production

Land Production or Land Staking is when a hero is assigned to a plot of land to oversee it.
When you assign a hero to a land for staking, you start the resource production of the land, and depending on the relationship a hero has with their minted environment; it can have an emission multiplier for RADI. For example, a Jotun in a snow environment (++) will produce RADI 2X the standard rate. While a Jotun in a desert environment (--) would only emit the standard rate.
Only RADI production will be affected by the multipliers. The amount of resources produced per land will only be increased by upgrading a plot of land.
The cycle of economy is anticipated to move as such -
Characters > Land > Resources > Weapons/Land Upgrades > Emission of $RADI
Characters will invoke lands corresponding to the environment they are in. Lands will be able to be purchased in addition to the 1st airdrop with $RADI.
These lands will generate resources that can either be used to:
  • Forge weapons that increase the emission rate of $RADI from characters (idle game).
  • Upgrade the resource production rate of one’s lands.
  • Stake in a native liquidity pool.
$RADI can be used to purchase upgrades or purchase the difference of available resources to upgrade lands or forge weapons.