Total Land Supply

There will be a total supply of 50,000 land plots in Rytell. Since the environments are randomized upon minting, it is unknown what the total available land slots will be, most likely, there will be less land available than there are slots for characters after minting. This makes purchasing land after the airdrop even more important.
As mentioned above, there will be a 1:1 airdrop of land for every minted NFT Character for a total of 10,000 land airdrops. This will leave 40,000 land plots available for purchase after the airdrop. Land can be acquired by purchase via the native token.
After the total land supply is sold, the only way to acquire land will be to swap for or purchase from land holders directly.
As a special collaborative endeavor, CryptoSeals holders will be airdropped 10,000 specialty lands, these lands will produce dark elixir.