Rytell will proceed in multiple phases. These phases will be roughly categorized as follows:
  • PHASE I (Dec 2021): Mint Opened- 10,000 Heroes.
  • PHASE II (Q1 2022): Claimable land plots to NFT holders, 1:1 ratio. Released in-game marketplace. RADI Distribution Started. Hero Staking Made Available. Crypto Seals Holders made eligible for Rifts.
  • PHASE III (Q2 2022): Land Staking Goes Live. 4 New Resource Emissions (Wheat, Stone, Iron, Metal.) Game Development Announcement. 2 Partnership Announcements. Elk/Rytell Event. Surprise Announcements 👀.
  • PHASE IV (FUTURE): Full-Force, Player Driven, in-game Economy. Craftable, Upgradeable Items. Governance for new partners, gameplay additions, grants, and scholarships. Changing DeFi Forever...