xRADI Staking Pool

$RADI staking pool is a contract developed by the Rytell team, extending the ERC20 standard. It is made to give $RADI holders the option to stake their $RADI in the period of time they want in order to increase their balance of the token.


The available interactions are:
  • Enter: $RADI holders just have to provide the amount they want to stake. Each user that enters will be minted xRADI tokens, exactly the quantity that's worth the amount of $RADI the user wants to stake.
  • Leave: the users just have to provide the amount of Staking tokens (their xRADI share) they want to take out. If users want to leave before LOCK PERIOD (a period of time defined by the team) they will be charged with a fee (also defined by the team).


  • Fee for leaving before lock period: 5%
  • Lock Period: 90 days after launch
  • This pool is to be fed by trade fees

APR calculation:

As this contract is fed by the 60% of the fees that we collect from trades, we take in consideration the average of the last 30 days volume on the platform; this average (after it's reduced to the portion that should go to xRADI contract) is then converted to current RADI price and with that, we perform the following calculations:
Average daily volume is multiplied by 365 days, giving us an annual estimated total RADI to be fed to the pool.
This total annual estimated is added to the current RADI balance on the staking contract, and then divided by total xRADI supply, giving us the estimated $RADI/xRADI ratio in 365 days from current date.
This 365-days-from-now ratio is then compared to the current ratio to get the percentage difference between these two values, which we consider to be each stake holder's APR.
Last modified 1yr ago